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A life that is, like any other, unlike any other. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[30 Dec 2021|12:15am]

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[26 Feb 2010|02:10am]
Ten things that start with A:

1. Aristotle
2. Ash
3. Afterglow
4. Autumn
5. Anarchists
6. Airplanes
7. Avocado
8. Angelfish
9. Acupuncture
10. Adventures

Now, I tag herstoryhistory and burningsulfur to do B. Tag someone on your friends list to continue through the alphabet.
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[04 Nov 2009|03:48pm]
I now live in Lahaina, Maui.

fuck yeah.
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[29 Aug 2009|07:04pm]

[07 Jun 2009|11:25pm]
Folk punk house shows are extremely inspiring.
AHHHHHH fuck sleep.
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[16 Feb 2009|11:33pm]
I've somehow learned to function on two hours of sleep and zero caffeine.
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[11 Feb 2009|01:10pm]
I'm trying to focus on good things, but it's hard. It's really warm here and I don't like it. I can't wait to be where winter is actually a season. 6 months and counting.
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[05 Feb 2009|06:22pm]
The chiropractor fucked up my back.
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[01 Feb 2009|02:30pm]
Well, I quit Earthbound. For real this time. There was so much bullshit along with cutting hours and giving them to fuck ups that happen to be the manager of the mall's Earthbound son.
So, I feel liberated. And stressed about money. I went to the mall to look for a new job and didn't have much luck. It really sucks being under 18. But hey, if anyone hears of anything, lemme know?
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[01 Jan 2009|04:48pm]
Mad Dog+ Ty = Happy New Year

[29 Dec 2008|03:41pm]
downtown sploded. again.


[24 Dec 2008|09:39am]
My brother busted his face up avoiding a 3 year old at the ice skating rink yesterday.
That must suck so fucking much. I hate kids.
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[04 Nov 2008|11:38pm]
I'm not saying a good thing happened, I'm just saying a terrible thing was avoided.

[02 Nov 2008|10:19pm]
Ty and I were outside doing the yard sale thing this morning, when a guy from Savannah Zoning blahblah came and gave me a notice to take down all the signs that I put up on light posts and stuff like that around the neighborhood immediately or I'd be charged $500-$1000 PER SIGN. Then he bought a chess set.

oh, and I'm employee of the month. HAHAHAHA.

[20 Oct 2008|01:30pm]
I have my license. I'm almost done with highschool.
I'm growing up, I think.

[29 Sep 2008|10:10pm]
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[27 Aug 2008|10:04pm]
Banquet frozen dinners are cafeteria food for the home. I found a cut-out free bowling coupon on the back of one that expired before the food even went on sale in grocery stores.
Ty and I stayed up all night Monday night taking care of Odin, Tim's new baby pitbull. He's the most adorable creature with four legs ever. Except that he has worms and shits everywhere.
My thoughts are choppy.

[24 Aug 2008|11:39pm]
a lot of things are going wrong, but I seem to be just fine.

[20 Aug 2008|03:08am]
I ended up buying bleach instead of black dye and just lightened the white stripe in my hair and I really like it now.
I got my anti-eyebrow today, it's a little bruised-looking and the barbell is too big, but I'll get a new one tomorrow and it should be ok.

[08 Aug 2008|05:29am]
my shaky legs lift my feet over cobblestone
that the woman with the map says is quaint and
the man in the carraige says she's right
cause it is
but to me it's just a hard walk
on shaky legs and tired feet
towards crystals and smoke
and free junk food
crammed into my stomach where the cameras can't see
but maybe today I'll get paid
and I'll buy my cancer and some fossil fuels
so that I can see someone who's good for me
and eventually we'll leave
go somewhere where the walks are easier
on our feet

[01 Aug 2008|12:30am]
Nag Champa is the best aromatherapy there is. I had my second interview at Earth Bound today. It went ok-ish. They want me to come work on Sunday 1-7 and at the end of the shift they'll tell me whether or not they want to actually hire me. But if they don't, I get loads of free shit from the store, which would still be cool because there's a really neat purse there and they have great incense and book ends and stuff.

Show Sunday at Sweet Melissa's:
7 pm- 5 bucks
V77 & KTP
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[30 Jul 2008|03:32am]
I'm getting my nipples pierced along with two more tongue barbells soon. I also want an anti-eyebrow. opinions on the last one?
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[25 Jul 2008|07:14am]
Karma, asshole.

[02 Jul 2008|09:24pm]
Things have been comfortable and easy, disregarding constant fights at home. Both of those make me want to leave. I'm starved for adventure.
But in happy news: Tracy and Ty and I went to the beach and the waves were pretty big and we saw a dolphin that got really close.

[30 Jun 2008|02:42pm]
I feel alive.
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[21 Jun 2008|01:09am]
Rancid on Tuesday, Free show on Wednesday, Sweet Melissa's on Thursday.
This is gonna kick ass.
Except I think I have bronchitis.
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[18 Jun 2008|01:28am]

Two Days of Freedom
Word For Word
The Bonus Army

June 25th, 7pm Sharp, 512 Barnard St.

This afternoon Tyler, Tracy, Shawn, Gabby and I hung out a Toyota dealership for 3+ hours. Tracy got a car and Tyler got a full complimentary tank of gas, which is cool cause now maybe we can all hang out a bit more without being worried about gas all the time...at least for a few days. I can't decide whether or not to grow out my hair. Current me.Collapse )I want liberty spikes again, but I'm getting used to this and its absolutely no maintenance-ness.

as requested: [29 May 2008|10:31pm]
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[29 May 2008|03:11am]
I shaved my head.
ani difranco style.
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[25 May 2008|04:02am]
so. lathargic.
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